St. Gilbert School Alumni Re-union: Meet at “Alumni Table” at 
Aug. 26 parish picnic behind school, 231 E. Belvidere Road, Grayslake; 
6 pm to 9 pm (following 5 pm Mass in church); food, drink, entertainment.
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Opportunities to help at St. Gilbert School
  • Bequests/Wills – friends who wish to help assure the continuation and growth of Catholic Education at St Gilbert School by means of mention in your will. There are five common bequests:
  • Percentage Bequest – this states that the school will receive a certain predetermined percentage of the donor’s estate.
  • Amount Bequest – this type of bequest specifies that the school will receive a designated sum. However, since a donor may not know exactly what will be left at the end of their lives many donors prefer to divide their estate by percentages.
  • Property Bequest – when making a specific bequest of property, the donor directs that one particular asset be transferred to the school, such as a certain piece of real estate or stock or some other possession.
  • Contingent Bequest – As the name implies, this bequest is “contingent” on some event. Usually a donor makes a primary bequest for a relative with the contingency that if the relative is not living at the time of the donors death, the bequest will be passed to the school.
  • Rest, Residue and Remainder – Many donors are unaware of the extent of their estates and if they make amounts and property bequests to family and friends, the residue, rest and remainder can be left to a particular party, namely the school.
    Memorials – the practice of asking for donations to a favorite charity (St Gilbert School) to commemorate the death of a loved one is a thoughtful and ongoing gift.
  • Annual Funds – yearly financial gifts to St Gilbert School are greatly appreciated. Choose a special day of the year (birthday, anniversary, graduation) to send a donation to St Gilbert School each year.
  • Cash donations – checks and money are always needed and appreciated. Make checks payable to St Gilbert School. This is also tax deductible.
  • In-kind donations – office supplies, copy paper, misc items are always appreciated and put to good use. If your company is “cleaning house” or relocating and needs to eliminate items contact us to see if we would be able to utilize the items.
  • Library – honor a loved one’s special day by purchasing a book or making a donation toward a book for the school library.
  • Volunteering – There are many ways to contribute to the school through volunteering i.e. assisting with the reading program, shelving books in library and recess duty just to name a few.
Email questions to if you need further information on any of the above.
Thank you for your continued support of Saint Gilbert Catholic School. Your kindness helps us remain a great place to be….