Athletics Philosophy
The primary objective of Saint Gilbert Athletic Program is to promote the mental, physical, and spiritual development of our young people by encouraging their interest and participation in sports activities. The key goals of the program are to teach the value of team work and doing one’s best in support of that team effort, to teach good sportsmanship, to develop an awareness of the responsibilities of a student athlete, to discourage a “win at all costs” attitude by providing that every eligible athlete actively participate in an event for which he/she has practiced and dressed, and finally, to introduce the concept of team cooperation and the principles of discipline and commitment applied towards achieving a common goal. Parents and faculty are encouraged to actively participate in the support of the athletic program and related activities. This will demonstrate for our young people a spirit of family-school cooperation and parish enthusiasm for the program and its goals.
JaAthletics Director
Mr. Jim Marshall –
Reminder: there will be an Athletic Committee meeting Monday, April 9th at 7 pm in the Multipurpose Room. All parents who’s children participate in sports at SGS are members of the Athletic Committee and are invited, welcome & encouraged to attend.
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St. Gilbert Athletics Calendar