Yearly Tentative Calendar:
You can find a list off all of the events for the school year on our At A Glance Calendar

St Gilbert School

Here are the steps to add the Tentative Calendar to your device.
iPhone or iPad

Step 1 – Tap the “Settings” icon, then scroll down and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”
Step 2 – Tap “Add Account” and select “Other.”
Step 3 – Select the “Add Subscribed Calendar” option, paste this address into the Server box and click “Next.”
Change any settings you see fit before saving the calendar. You do not need a username or password.

Step 1 – Open Google Calendar.
Step 2 – On the left side, find “Other calendars” and click the down arrow .
Step 3 – Select Add by URL.
Step 4 – Enter this calendar’s address:
in the field provided.
Step 5 – Click Add calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under “Other calendars.”