Saint Gilbert Catholic School believes in helping others. Every school year from October through April the Lake County P.A.D.S. (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) provides a warm location for the homeless. On Thursdays, during these months, our classroom take turns bringing in a lunch that the guests of the shelter may take with them when they leave in the morning. 
The United Protestant Church in Grayslake is one of the sites that provides this service. Each Thursday evening from October to April, the site provides dinner and a place to sleep for homeless people. The next morning, when the clients leave the shelter, they are given a lunch to take with them. St. Gilbert School students have been generously providing these lunches for many years. Each week, a different grade is assigned the task of bringing in lunches. In addition to this, students in grades 6-8 also provide the food and services for 6 dinners from October-April, A week before the grade is scheduled for providing the lunches, the homeroom teacher will send a parent reminder which will indicate what should be included in the lunch.   Thank you for generously supporting this mission to help the needy in our community!

St. Gilbert Student Council
Items to include in your P.A.D.S. Lunch:
  • 2 Sandwiches: Lunch meat or meat & cheese made with at least 2 slices of lunch meat. Please do not use any condiments on sandwiches, feel free to include individual packets of condiments if you have them.
  • Snack: One Bag of Chips-Crackers-Pretzels
  • Dessert: One Piece of Fruit or Fruit cup
  • One Napkin
  • Please do not include a drink: bottles of water are provided at the shelter.


Please do not write P.A.D.S. on the outside of the bag. All lunches need to be brought to school with the student.

The lunches are picked up by a P.A.D.S. representative at 7:40 a.m.

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause.

2018-19 Classroom Schedule:
October 4th – 8th Grade
October 12th – 7th Grade
October 18th – 6th Grade
October 25th – 5th Grade
November 1st – 4th Grade
November 8th – 3rd Grade
November 15th – 2nd Grade
November 22nd – Anyone attending Thanksgiving Mass.
November 29th – 1st Grade
December 6th – Kindergarten
December 13th – Preschool
December 20th – 8th Grade
January 10th – 7th Grade
January 17th – 6th Grade
January 24th – 5th Grade
January 31st – 4th Grade
February 9th – 3rd Grade
February 14th – 2nd Grade
February 21st -1st Grade
February 28th -Kindergarten
March 7th – Preschool
March 14th – 8th Grade
March 21st – 7th Grade
April 4th – 6th Grade
April 11th – 5th Grade
April 18th – 4th Grade
April 25th – 3rd Grade