Rebel Reserve Annual Appeal

Saint Gilbert  Catholic School’s (SGS) vibrant school community is enhanced by the active involvement of our families.  We are blessed to have our families share their time, talent, and resources with us.  SGS is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and that is why we hope that each member of our school community makes SGS a philanthropic priority.  

It is our responsibility to ensure our future students and families share the same opportunities as past students. We are asking every family to contribute financially an amount that will help SGS “bridge” the gap between what it actually costs to educate each child and the level at which tuition has been set.  

Total Fundraising Goal for 2016-2017: To have 100% of our families participate! 

Opportunities for philanthropy, whether through financial contributions or volunteering, are designed to accomplish something that no single person is likely to manage on his or her own. 

If you have questions about making a contribution to SGS, please contact: or the school office at

Mr. Brian Tekampe, Principal