We believe Saint Gilbert Catholic School is called by God and by the Catholic Community of this parish to provide a quality Catholic education for the children of this parish.  We commit our school to providing a strong, challenging, academic, and religious program that fosters the development of each child’s unique talents, complements the role of the family in nurturing a strong sense of self-worth in each child to enable the child to meet  the challenges of today and tomorrow, and encourages positive spiritual, moral, aesthetic, ethical and social sensibilities within the fabric of family, school, and parish.  The educational experience at St. Gilbert School is to be available to all those who seek it.  Therefore, we hold ourselves accountable to the children, their families, and the other members of the parish to fulfill our mission as we have defined it.

The purpose of the Board is to develop, formulate, and adopt policies that shall govern the operation of Saint Gilbert Catholic School, collaborate in the Principal Evaluation Process, review and advise with respect the annual School budget and determine sources of funding for the School, act as the public relations arm of the School, collaborate in the implementation of the short and long term goals of the School, and otherwise collaborate in the operation of the School in conformity with the policies and guidelines of the Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Catholic Education.

Occasionally an “Executive Session” is needed in place of a regular meeting or as part of a regular meeting.  Executive Sessions are closed to the public and only open to Board Members.
How to contact the SGS School Advisory Board:
Email: sab@stgilbertschool.org
Fiscal Committee: fiscal@stgilbertschool.org
Institution Committee: institution@stgilbertschool.org
Mission Committee: mission@stgilbertschool.org
Meetings for 2018-19:  10/16/18, 12/18/18, 2/19/19, 4/16/19
Committee Meetings for 2018-19: November, January, March and May
School Board Minutes are emailed to parents after they are approved at the next monthly School Board Meeting.
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