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Bus Service and Fees

Saint Gilbert Catholic School is serviced by the Grayslake School District #46 and the Woodland School District #50 for those living within the respective districts and outside one mile and a half from school and for those under a mile and a half who must cross a State Certified Safety Hazard. A fee is charged to those taking a Woodland bus.

  • The school is not required to transport students. Therefore, riding the bus is a privilege, which may be withdrawn from any student whose conduct warrants such action.

  • All inquiries regarding service should be directed to the bus company or to the school office.

  • No non-registered guests are allowed on the bus.

  • Registered riders are not allowed to ride any bus other than their assigned bus.

  • Bus riders are only dropped off at their designated stop.

2024-2025 Woodland D50 Bus Form

2024-2025 Grayslake D46 Bus Form

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