School Updates

November 21, 2022

Spirit Shop Closing Soon & Addition to Calendar

Our Spirit Wear Shop will be closing on November 22nd (evening).  Please get your orders in today!


An Archdiocese of Catholic Schools Professional Development day was missed on our calendar, so it has been added.  April 28, 2023 will be a day off of school for the students.  Please make this change to your home calendars.


Mrs. Buckley, Principal




November 18, 2022

Church Happenings



Knights of Columbus Blood Drive 


Healing Service




November 17, 2022

Thursday Tidbits

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Today we wrap up Spirit Week 2022 with our Pep Rally!  The students have really been in the “spirit” all week following the daily themed days, and I want to thank our Student Council for all their hard work and planning for today.  One of the “traditions” of SGS is that our 8th graders plan a “pep rally dance” that they will perform today.  It is just one of the many special memories that are a part of our history here at SGS.  Speaking of the 8th graders, the Catholic School High School Entrance Exam will be given December 3rd at 8:00 am.  Use this link to register:


Just a reminder that when there is snow on the ground the students must have snow pants, boots, jackets, hats, and gloves in order to play in the snowy areas.  Please try to mark all clothing items with last names.  Students do need to bring shoes to change into, we do not want them wearing hot heavy boots the entire day, and boots are not allowed when they are participating in gym class.


Blessings to all, as you plan for Thanksgiving!


Mrs. Kris Buckley, Principal


Calendar Reminders:


Friday 11/18 - No School (Staff Professional Development)


Monday 11/21 - No Woodland Bus (PM)


Tuesday 11/22 - No Woodland or Grayslake Bus (PM)


Wednesday 11/23 - No School (Staff Retreat)


Thanksgiving Break 11/24-11/27


Other Bits:


SGS Spirit Shop Link:


Poinsettia Fundraiser 


Christmas Cash Raffle 


Giving Trees

November 10, 2022

Spirit Wear Shop


SGS Families,


We have opened a new Fall & Winter Spirit Wear Shop today!  Please place orders by November 22nd.  Delivery will occur the week of December 12th.  We have added two new logo designs, and there are many different clothing items.  Show your school spirit in some fashionable SGS wear!


Mrs. Buckley


Spirit Wear Shop 




November 10, 2022

Thursday Tidbits


Dear Parents/Guardians,

I want to thank all of our parent/grandparent/neighbor car drivers for being patient and trying your hardest to use the PikMyKid App to “announce”.  We had a couple days without one or both bus companies and your cooperation helps our process go smoothly!  I also am thankful for families that create car-pools for drop off and pick ups when there are no buses available-this helps eliminate a few cars in our lines.  Keep up the good work drivers!


School Goal #2: Catholic Identity:


80% of students will "strongly agree" that God is present in their lives by 2022-23.


How will we get there?  


We feel we are in a very good position to meet this goal this school year.  Last year when the students were surveyed in March; 32% of students “agreed” that God was present in their lives, and 62% of students “strongly agreed” that God was present in their lives.  If we can get that 32% to choose “strongly agree” we will be over 90%.  


We have visual messaging hanging around the school (posters created and given to us by the Office of Catholic Schools) classroom bulletin boards and more! Our Student Council has incorporated this messaging into the morning announcements, we will continue to focus on service projects in which the students show interest so that they can share their blessings and gifts from God with others, the School Board will again plan an “All School Retreat” (during Lent), we attend mass weekly on Wednesday morning at 8:00, students are part of the mass planning, we have a new “Youth Choir” to lead us in joyful song, and we will continue to teach and reinforce the message that God created each one of us in his image, and that we are greatly loved.  We are hoping to instill a sense of FAITH in each one of our students, there are actions big and small daily as we go along this path called life with each of them.  


Next week we celebrate our School Spirit Week, there are different themes for each day, so check out the flier, Spirit Week Details   This week culminates with a Pep Rally on Thursday at 12:30.


Enjoy this absolutely beautiful late fall day!


Mrs. Kris Buckley


Calendar Reminders:


Friday 11/11- Trimester #1 ends


Wednesday 11/16 - Gratitude with Grandparents (Kindergarten Event) 8:00 Mass


Thursday 11/17 - Pep Rally 12:30, Trimester #1 Report Cards go home


Friday 11/18 - No School-Staff PD 


Other Little Bits:


Thanksgiving Food Drive Needs (School)


Athletics Season Passes   (Valid date extended through Dec 2023!)


Christmas Cash Raffle 


Giving Trees Christmas 2022




November 8, 2022

No Buses (Am/Pm) Grayslake & Woodland


Parents/Designated Pick Up People,


Today we have no buses for both districts.  On a normal day with buses we have over 200 cars that pick up students.  Please pick up today with patience and understanding as there will be families for whom this is not their usual routine.  It is very important that everyone use the PikMyKid App as they arrive.  When you are in our school zone select "pickup" (this is the picture of the two children holding hands on the bottom of your screen).  Once you select that, the picture should turn green and you will select "announce."  Announcing is the most important step to help our check in process go smoothly.  If you are announced, Mrs. Reed will see you student's number and be able to push that into a grouping of 24 cars.  If you don't announce she will have to do that process for you, which takes extra time, and leads to backups for others.  If we all work together as a team, our dismissal should be successful today.


Have a wonderful day!


Mrs. Kris Buckley, Principal




November 8, 2022

Thanksgiving Food Drive




I am sending out the Thanksgiving Food Drive details so that collection can begin in time to put meals/baskets together for families in need at Thanksgiving.  Each year we divide what is needed to provide a full meal by the different grades in our school.  Collection will be ongoing starting tomorrow, until November 17th.  Thank you for your generosity, and for sharing your blessings with those in need.


Thanksgiving Food Drive List 


Student Council, St. Vincent DePaul Society & the staff of St. Gilbert School




November 3, 2022

Woodland Bus Correction - Friday, November 4th

St. Gilbert Routes




There will be morning busing from Woodland School district tomorrow 11/4/22.  It is in the afternoon that students will need to be picked up, or other arrangements made due to Woodland having a half day.  Sorry for my error!


Mrs. Buckley, Principal

November 3, 2022

Thursday Tidbits

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Every year our school Administration and Faculty work together on goals related to overall school improvement.  Our goals fall into priority areas; Academic, Catholic Identity, 5Essentials, and Financial/Enrollment Vitality.  This year past year we met our goal for having a balanced budget as well as increasing our enrollment for 2022-23.  We will be focusing on three priority areas this year with the following goals:


Academic goal:  50% of students will achieve annual typical growth on iReady math assessments by 2022-23 school year.


Catholic Identity:  80% of students will "strongly agree" when surveyed using the 5Essentials Survey, that God is present in their lives by 2022-23.


5Essentials:   90% of teachers will “strongly agree” when surveyed with the 5Essentials, that our school has a collaborative environment.

Under each of these priority areas are additional objectives on how we plan to get there.  For example, for the Academic goal, we moved a year ago to a standard math textbook series across all grade levels K-8.  The reasoning behind this is to have a rigorous math program that prioritized word problems, standardized the math vocabulary, and was based on an approach to solving problems that highly correlates with our Standardized test-iReady. We have scheduled “Data Dives” for faculty in our monthly meetings to go over student progress and test data, we are adding student goal setting with more frequent teacher check-ins, and we have added passing two lessons in math iReady per week per child K-8 for progress towards their growth goals.  


We would love to partner with all our parents to help change the negative views many students have about math.  Even if you feel you struggled in math, use positive reinforcement with your children, and show an interest in what they are working on, and how they are progressing.  If you feel you cannot help them there are many resources you can direct them to, such as;  iReady, Khan Academy, Mathplanet and even Youtube videos.  Math is a skill that is needed in all aspects of life, and in many of their future careers.  We want to lay the foundation for them to be successful as they learn and grow with us and beyond.


* I will cover our other two priority goals in future Tidbits.


Striving for Academic Excellence!


Mrs. Kris Buckley, Principal


P.S. We are experiencing some unseasonably warm weather, but as it turns cold out please label all outerwear with your child’s name.  We already have about (10) winter coats in lost and found!


Upcoming Holiday Events: Mark your calendars......


Thanksgiving Break 11/23-11/27


Christmas Band Concert 12/8  @ 7:00 pm


Junior High (6-8) Christmas Dance 12/09 @ 7:00-9:00 pm


PK/K Christmas Show & Breakfast 12/10 @ 9:00 am


Christmas Concert (1-5) 12/13 @ 6:30 pm


Calendar Reminders:


Friday 11/4 - No Woodland Buses (PM)*corrected, Spirit Wear Day, FSA Zoom 10:00, Musical Workshop (Grades 6-8) 2:00-4:00


Monday 11/7 - No Grayslake Buses (AM/PM), Intruder Drill w/Police 


Tuesday 11/8 - No Grayslake or Woodland Buses (AM/PM)


Friday 11/11 - End of Trimester #1




Carmel Stem Event 


!2 Days of Winning Christmas Raffle 


Christmas Giving Trees 


Youth Ministry Weekend Events

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