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January 20, 2022

Thursday Tidbits

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I will keep it short and sweet this week!  The students are busy taking their iReady Diagnostics, and the faculty is planning for Catholic Schools Week.  There is a flyer attached that details every day of the week and what is planned.  The Open House on Sunday, January 30th will be for prospective families with tours scheduled.  Save the date of February 15th for a special evening of “Family Step Up Night.”  I will explain more in the coming weeks, but essentially it will be a time for our current families to visit the school, see their child’s classroom & teacher, then visit and learn about the next year’s grade!  We have done step-up with the students during school days in the past, this will be our first trial of parent(s) stepping up along with their student.  Something you may not know, if you refer a family to our school and they stay for a full year, you will receive a “Thank You” for your referral with $350 off your child’s tuition.  Word of mouth is the way we receive many of our best referrals.


Thank you to the following families for their donations:  Case, Moncivais, and Schulz


Keeping you all in my prayers!


Mrs. Kris Buckley


Calendar Reminders:

Friday 1/21:  Spirit Wear Day, Hot Lunch (pizza), Progress Reports Sent Home


Friday 1/28:  Hot Lunch (chicken)


Saturday 1/29: Knights of Columbus Burger Bash


Sunday 1/30:  CSW begins, Prospective Family Open House 9:00-11:00


Information & Flyers:


Catholic Schools Week 2022


New SGS Chess Club session starting January 31st- March 21st.

Link: SGS Chess Club January - March 


St. Gilbert Ski Club 


Knight of Columbus Burger Bash




January 18, 2022

Valentine's Day Cookie Kit Fundraiser


Dear Families,

We are participating in our second annual Valentine's Day Cookie Kit Fundraiser.  Please see the flyer for details.  These kits are put together by a local bakery-we are helping to support a small business while also raising money for the school activities that FSA supports.  Enjoy some family time decorating a delicious Valentine's Day treat!


Valentine Cookie Fundraiser


Family School Association, 2022




January 13, 2022

Thursday Tidbits

Dear Parents/Guardians,


I appreciate your ongoing understanding and support as we, as a school in the Archdiocese, manage changing directives brought on by the Omicron surge.  Remember that there is no school tomorrow 1/14 or 1/17-having this in place has really helped ease the minds of parents, as most children will not miss too many days of school if they are positive or a close contact this week.


When we return on 1/18/22 we will be opening the second iReady testing window, tests will occur for two weeks.  Students in grades K-8 will take a reading and math diagnostic that will provide valuable information in regards to their skill levels and needs in these critical areas.  Please be sure students are rested and have healthy snacks for the days their tests are scheduled.  


If you are a family that uses the Woodland bus service please be aware that the bus fee charged by the district will be applied to “incidental charges” on your FACTS account on February 1st.  If you don’t have automatic payments set up on “incidental charges” you might want to make that adjustment to your account so you do not receive an email from the Business Department.


Orders for the Limited Edition T-Shirt end Friday 1/14, we want to place the order and have them here for Catholic Schools Week.  Payments will be accepted through Weds. of next week, so place the order if you would like to get a shirt for your child and pay later!  


This year I have a new idea to promote community awareness of our school enrollment period. I would like families in various neighborhoods in Grayslake, Gurnee, Lake Villa, and Mundelein to place special SGS signs in their yards.  Every year when we put signs out at intersections around town we get a huge snow storm and they get buried and/or ruined.  If you would be willing to put a sign in your yard please contact me at Signs are being designed and sent to a printer now, placement in yards prior to 1/30/22.  Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.


Enjoy the long weekend, take a walk in the snow, play some games as a family!




Mrs. Kris Buckley


Calendar Reminders:


Friday 1/14 - No School/Mental Health Day,  Trimester #2 Midterm


Monday 1/17 - No School/MLK Day


Tuesday 1/18 - School resumes, iReady Diagnostic #2 Opens


Friday 1/21 - Spirit Wear Day, Hot Lunch (Pizza), Progress Reports go home




Mrs. Nylen (preschool teacher) who had back surgery before Christmas is still needing support with family meals.  If you are able to assist please sign up for the meal train:


Hot Lunch order form:


Limited Edition CSW T-Shirt order form:


St. Gilbert Ski Club Information Ski Club Pass Information 


Knights of Columbus Burger Bash 


St. Gilbert Blood Drive

January 9, 2022

Updated Covid Quarantine Information


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Blessings to you all this icy Sunday morning!  It has been my personal goal throughout this pandemic to keep you as updated as possible on what is happening day to day with Covid and the ever changing protocols in the school environment.  Last week the Archdiocese of Chicago schools decided to follow the CDC guidelines for (5) day quarantines for positive and close contacts.  The Illinois State Board of Education continued with (10) day quarantines for public schools despite the new guidance.  On Friday evening ISBE decided to change as well to the (5) day quarantines recommended by the CDC.  All entities that govern schools are concerned about times when masks are off of the children; lunchtime, and recess.  Due to these concerns the Archdiocese has put in place some new protocols for lunchtime, recess, and after school sports, clubs, band, theater, as well as testing.  I have copied the directives that I have been given below.


Lunchtime for isolated/quarantined students


"The current CDC guidelines recommend that those who tested positive or were a close contact avoid any unmasked activities around others, including eating, for 10 days (following diagnosis, first full day of symptoms or after last day of contact). With this in mind, lunchtime presents the greatest challenge for students returning to school after a minimum 5-day isolation or quarantine. To create the necessary physical space for students while they are unmasked and eating:

  • A separate room or lunch area should be established for students who have tested positive and are returning to school after the required minimum 5-day isolation.

    • These students must eat lunch in this room for days 6 through 10 after returning.

    • All students who have returned from a positive diagnosis may use the same room for days 6 through 10 after their return.


  • Students who were determined to be close contacts and required to quarantine for 5 days must be distanced from others while masks are off to eat lunch on days 6-10. During days 6 through 10:

    • They should not eat lunch with the returning COVID-positive students.

    • They should be at a separate table from their unaffected classmates in the lunchroom, or in a separate room.

    • They must be at least 6 feet away from other students while eating. Recently quarantined students may sit at the same table as each other, as long as they are at least 6 feet apart."


How will this look at SGS?  We will be using our 4-8 art/music classroom for students who were quarantined for (5) days due to a positive test.  Lunch will be from 11:00-11:20 M/T/TH/F, and 11:40-12:00 W for these students on days 6-10.  Monitors will be Mrs. Greffly, Dean and/or office staff.  Once students are done eating they will put their masks back on and be able to rejoin their classmates either in the classroom, lunchroom, or recess area.  For students who were quarantined for (5) days as close contacts, and never turned positive, we will set up extra tables in the lunchroom that are a good distance from other students eating lunch.  Students in this group will sit 6ft. away from each other at these tables until their lunch is eaten.  This past week we have been prompting students to put masks back on as soon as they finish eating.  To this point in time we have not had any outbreaks that have been traced back to the lunchroom.   We are lucky that we have individual plexiglass shields, and already short lunch periods.


Changes to athletics, and all after school extracurricular activities that will be followed at SGS:


"Athletics and Extracurricular Activities


Students returning from isolation (recent COVID positive test results)


Anyone who tests positive for COVID may not participate in athletic practices/competitions for 10 days. We understand that the at-home isolation period is 5 days and that they may return to school on day 6 if asymptomatic, but for purposes of team play or any school-organized extracurricular activities (clubs, band, etc.), they must refrain for the full 10 days.


Students returning from quarantine (recent close contacts)


Asymptomatic close contacts may participate in extracurricular activities days 6 through 10 post-exposure, if they have a recent negative test.

  • The negative test must have been taken on or after day 5, and the child may not participate in extracurricular activities while waiting for the test results.

  • A negative test is required only for participation in extracurricular activities on days 6 through 10. It is not required to return to school (see the section below)

  • Both PCR or rapid tests are allowable.


Students who have not obtained a negative test on or after day 5 of exposure may not participate in athletics or extracurricular activities until after 10 days from the date of exposure." 


Updates to testing that will be followed by SGS:


"Testing after 5 days recommended, not required


Additionally, while a COVID test is not required of anyone who was quarantined, it is recommended. If access to testing becomes more readily available, a return test for anyone quarantined as a close contact may become required."


Update to masking requirement pertaining to recess that will be followed at SGS:


"Masks now required during recess


Due to the more contagious nature of the Omicron variant and the close proximity students typically play, we are now requiring that students wear masks during outdoor recess. This is a temporary measure to help inhibit the spread and reduce overall infections. It will be reevaluated in 2 weeks. Masks remain required for all indoor activities, with the exception of lunch/eating."


As always, I appreciate your patience as we move through the ever-changing landscape of this pandemic. 


We got through week one after Christmas break, when other schools were shutting down, say prayers for week two!  You have been fantastic about calling me about positive cases, and just keeping sick children home no matter how slight their symptoms may be.  This extra caution keeps sickness out of our school, and allows us to keep educating the children.


Please contact me with any questions or concerns,  We will get through this as we have so far, by working together as a team.


Mrs. Kris Buckley, Principal

NoteAreas in "quotes" are direct wording from the Archdiocese Covid Task Force

January 6, 2022

Thursday Tidbits


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Next Tuesday (1/11) we will be holding a “Soft-lockdown drill” with the police department present on our campus.  Intruder Drills are mandatory for state licensing.  We try to limit the “worry and fear” that these drills create in our youngest students, while also knowing that we have to be prepared in case of an emergency of this type.  This is why we are holding the “soft-lockdown” and not a “total lockdown.”  During a soft lockdown, teachers will lock their classroom doors, and students will not be allowed to move about the building freely until an all clear is issued. Teachers will educate students about the procedures to evacuate the building, specifically where exits are located nearest to their classrooms, and the importance of staying quiet and listening to the teacher’s directions.  Students in grades 4-8 will also hear about exits close to their rooms, but will also receive some information about providing obstacles for a possible intruder; such as barricading rooms with furniture if the situation calls for that, and/or using their school supplies as defenses/distraction against an aggressor.  Our teachers have been learning about the ALICE method since last year.   The ALICE acronym stands for: Alert (inform people of the threat), Lockdown (contain classroom/barricade), Inform (communicate violent intruder location in real time), Counter (use defense tactics to surprise/disarm), Evacuate (leave the building).  To help with communication throughout the building each staff member has a walkie-talkie to communicate with the office staff.  In the event of an emergency of this type our partner school is Westlake Academy across the street.  This means that if the police issue an evacuation of our school, the reunification area for parents/students would be at their school location; 275 S. Lake St. Grayslake.  If you wish your child to be excluded from this drill please contact me and I will make arrangements. We are not evacuating the building on 1/11, this drill is meant to practice and inform.  Again, the police will be on campus and students will see them.  We practice for all types of drills; fire, severe weather, and intruders.


Parents of 8th grade students heading to Grayslake Central, Lakes High School and Grant High School be aware that these schools have transitioned to virtual 8th Grade Information Nights/Open Houses. Please see the flyer below sent by Lakes.  GCHS’s class of 2026 night is scheduled for 1/11/22 at 6:30.  


St. Gilbert Ski Club is starting up again this Friday at Alpine Valley.  Discounted lift ticket information below in the flyer section.


Hot Lunch order form for the remainder of the school year is below in the Links/Flyer Section.


New Gym Floor 


Stay warm & well,


Mrs. Kris Buckley, Principal


Calendar Reminders:


Friday 1/7 - No Woodland Buses (AM/PM), Spirit Wear Day, FSA Meeting 8:00 (Zoom)


Monday 1/10 - No Woodland Buses (AM/PM)


Tuesday 1/11 - Soft Lockdown Drill/Police Advisory


Wednesday 1/12 - No Am Grayslake Buses


Friday 1/14 - No School, Mid-term Trimester #2




Lakes High School Open House 


St. Gilbert Ski Club Information 


Hot Lunch Order Form:




SAVE THE DATE - OFFER VALID 01/10/22 - 01/14/2022



15% Off Your Order -AND- Free Shipping on $150 or More Order





January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The staff and I wish all of you health and happiness as we head into a new year.  We are grateful that each of you is a part of our St. Gilbert family.  The end of this month will bring Catholic Schools Week and our yearly Open House for new and prospective families.  If you know someone who is looking for a Catholic School, or a change of schools, please talk about your experience with them and encourage them to contact us for a personal tour. Stay tuned for Catholic Schools Week activities for the students, and a new twist for our current families. Registration for all grades including our highly sought after preschool, begins January 30th.


On Thursday the Archdiocese of Chicago sent out communication to families regarding the updated CDC quarantine guidelines.  The long and short of this is that the quarantine times have been shortened from (10) days to (5) days for positive cases, and close contacts of unvaccinated individuals.  Please email me if you or your child fall into either of these categories since I will have to report the case and give you the date of return from quarantines that will now include days after our holiday break.  At the current time the Archdiocese has decided to stick to the calendar and begin fully in-person school once the Christmas break is over.  We hope that our staff and students will stay well, and that class quarantines will not be needed.  We will continue to clean, and disinfect high touch surfaces within the school building, masks will be worn at all times, and distances of 3ft or more between children will continue.  Athletics will be allowed to continue, but concessions have been suspended for the time being.  As before, if there is a positive case on a sports team the entire team will be quarantined unless individuals are fully vaccinated. We have been successful in keeping our school open and quarantines limited to isolated cases, Omicron is a highly contagious virus so please keep your children home if they have cold-like symptoms, test to determine if it is Covid-19, call me to report cases.  We need to contain the spread within our school in order to keep our doors open.  


Over the Christmas break our new gym floor has been laid, and we will have lines painted over the coming week.  It is beautiful, and we can’t wait to have a ribbon cutting ceremony once we get all the finishing touches in place.  Donations are still needed to fund the new wall padding that will be added as well.  Please contact the office if you would like to make a donation to this cause.  Stay safe in the coming snow storm.


Peace to you all in the New Year!


Mrs. Kris Buckley


Calendar Reminders:


January 5 (Wed) - School resumes, No Woodland Buses (AM/PM)


January 6 (Thurs) - No Woodland Buses (AM/PM)


January 7 (Fri) - No Woodland Buses (AM/PM), FSA Meeting 8:00, Spirit Wear Day

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